Dr Annie Jean, Podiatrist


Graduated in biopharmaceutical science from the University of Ottawa, I subsequently obtained my doctorate in podiatric medicine from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières. I have been installed as a podiatrist in the Outaouais since 2009 and I had the privilege to see podiatry develop in the region and to be one of the pioneers.

I have a compassionate and efficient approach to podiatry and a relationship with my patients. My vision of podiatry goes beyond the clinic, as I enjoy helping people sometimes even in the street when they recognize me and ask me questions. I then invite them to the safe and confidential setting of the clinic for the appropriate treatments.

I love sports in general and have been honoured to represent Canada internationally in running, winning several medals both inside and outside the country. I continue to run regularly, but also biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking during the winter.

I, therefore, understand sports-related issues very well and am very comfortable taking care of all types of patients, including recreational and elite athletes. I also use a race analysis system with a camera to better understand, treat and advise athletes.

I love my job and I enjoy helping people whether it's in the clinic or near a running trail.

Welcome to Alliance Podiatry!

Dr Diane Bouguem, Podiatrist


Originally from Cameroon, I immigrated to Canada in 2005, after which I obtained my bachelor's degree in health sciences from the University of Ottawa in 2013. I then continued my studies at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières from where I obtained my doctorate in podiatric medicine in 2017.

I have been serving this beautiful region of the Outaouais as a podiatrist since 2017 and believe that each person is unique and deserves to receive quality treatment regardless of their social status.

I have often volunteered at various events such as the great Pierre Lavoie challenge, the Mont-tremblant half-marathon and I have provided podiatric treatment to the needy at Accueil Bonneau. My goal is to continue to give back to society by helping the most disadvantaged and educating the residents of the Outaouais to take charge of their health.

When I meet a patient, I like the diagnosis and treatment to be understood. I love it when the patient tells me in his own words that everything is clear and he feels relieved. That’s why I do this job.

I deal with various issues and I have the health of young people's feet at heart, as well as podiatric care for people with diabetes.

I love discovery and travel, and maybe you'll see a shot of mine from around the world when you come to the clinic.

Welcome to Alliance Podiatry!

Dr Gabrielle Castonguay, Podiatrist


I am a native of the Outaouais region and I have been honoured to serve my community since 2011 as a Podiatrist, after obtaining my doctorate in podiatric medicine from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières.

As a Podiatrist, the relationship with the patient is important to me. I take the time to fully understand the patient's situation and do a complete clinical assessment with the required examinations. If necessary, I use imaging, which is ultrasound and x-ray to establish the appropriate treatment plan.

The relationship with my patients is built on authenticity and simplicity. I like to explain the diagnosis and then present the treatment options and the benefits that will follow. As much as possible, I bring practical treatment solutions that can be applied in everyday life.

Having practised competitive soccer for many years this allows me to understand the needs of recreational and competitive athletes and to give them the appropriate care. In addition, being the mother of three children, I make the link between feet and growth and this helps me to advise my patients.

Come see us at the Alliance Podiatry clinic, in addition to regaining the health of your feet, maybe you will find at the reception a piece of my chocolate cake which, it seems, is a delight!

Welcome to Alliance Podiatry!