1. Biomechanical examination

During a biomechanical examination, we perform a series of assessments of your feet and lower limbs. The movements of your feet are examined in various positions: lying, standing, sitting and walking. These observations allow us to make precise diagnoses which will then be used to provide the appropriate treatment plan for you.

2. Examination of the feet in children: podiatry for children

We offer podiatry services for your little ones from birth to detect and correct problems as early as possible. Podiatrists are trained to diagnose and understand the impact of good foot health on your children. Management can range from simple advice to manipulations to solutions for their foot problems!

3. Custom-made plantar orthotics

After a proper examination and diagnosis, we take precise measurements while moulding your feet with our technological tools to create personalized foot orthotics. Once these orthoses have been manufactured and returned to the clinic, we carry out a follow-up to optimize the treatment. These custom made orthotics are designed to be easy and comfortable to wear in your shoes. They improve the distribution of pressure points under your feet so you can continue to move more freely!

4. Treatment of plantar warts

Very often contagious and painless, the plantar wart can be a source of discomfort or embarrassment. At the clinic, our podiatrists will be able to properly diagnose them and provide the best treatment plan to obtain the fastest possible cure. The treatment options are varied and effective in restoring the health of your feet.

5. Treatment of ingrown toenails

When part of the nail penetrates the surrounding skin, it can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and can even cause infection. In the clinic, our tools and our experience provide you with unparalleled treatment for this problem. We can remove the offending lump or proceed with permanent surgery. If necessary, we will perform local anaesthesia or prescription oral antibiotic therapy.

6. Foot Care

At the clinic, we provide comprehensive medical foot care to keep your feet healthy! We always use autoclaved sterilized instruments to treat nails and calluses.

7. Ingrown Toenail Surgery

In some situations, ingrown toenails can be recurring. In these cases, we do a surgery where we remove the edge of the nail and prevent the root from growing with the application of a product. Simple, quick and efficient, the procedure is performed in the clinic by the podiatrist under local anesthesia.

8. Treatment of Nail Fungus

When your nail changes color and starts to look unusual or visibly abnormal, it may be a fungus. This is called mycotic nail. After evaluation by our podiatrists, we make the proper podiatric diagnosis and implement the best treatment plan to help you restore the health and appearance of your nails.

9. Treatments for Corns and Calluses

Skin that reacts to pressure and friction over time can harden and lead to localized or diffuse skin thickening. This condition can cause cracks, corns or calluses, "partridge eyes" ... which are often painful or bothersome. We perform various treatments to relieve you of these conditions. Find the softness and beauty of your feet, without pain.

10. Pain Treatment with Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is sometimes used as a physical therapy modality in a treatment plan established by the podiatrist to help treat localized inflammatory pain in the foot. It is a painless treatment that works deeply on the painful and inflamed area. Enjoy your feet without pain or inflammation.

11. Ultrasound of the Foot

Very safe, ultrasound allows us to have dynamic medical images of the internal structures of your feet and to analyze your muscles, ligaments, bones and more. We thus specify the diagnoses and have a better understanding of the pathologies. Ultrasound is also used to guide injections at highly targeted areas of the foot.

12. X-ray of the foot

The digital x-ray system that we use at the clinic allows us to see bones and joint spaces quickly and accurately. For example, an x-ray allows us to quickly see if it is a fracture or not or if there is osteoarthritis. The safe use of this technology helps us give you the right diagnoses and then establish the best treatment plan for your problem.

13. Sports Podiatry

It is the specialty of podiatry that applies to injuries and problems related to sports. Our podiatrists are all able to effectively treat various athletes. Moreover, we are privileged to count among our podiatrists Annie Jean who was an elite athlete who won medals on the Canadian and international scene and who continues to practice sports such as cycling, running and cross-country skiing. We understand these issues and have the expertise to help you continue to practice your favorite sport. From lasers to taping, manual therapy and foot orthotics, you will be taken care of, diagnosed and treated effectively.

14. Analysis of Walking and Running

We evaluate the behavior of your feet during the run using a treadmill and a precise analysis system equipped with sensors that allow you to enter and analyze several parameters of your feet and your posture while running. Gait analysis with the analysis mat allows us to properly assess the pressure points during each of your steps. Our precise diagnoses will then be followed by our best recommendations and treatment plans to improve your sensations when walking and running!

15. Cyst Drainage

A cyst is a fluid-filled mass created by your body as a reaction to various causes including trauma, overuse, or simply overuse of the foot. In the clinic, we perform the drainage or excision of the cyst under local anesthesia. This helps relieve the pain created by the pressure from the cyst, and you will regain the comfort and health of your feet.

16. Extraction of foreign bodies

Sometimes you step on an object such as a piece of glass or a splinter of wood that inadvertently penetrates the skin of the feet! At the clinic, we remove foreign objects with as little discomfort as possible so you can enjoy your feet pain-free.

17. Diabetic Feet

Diabetes can have serious consequences for the feet. It can decrease the sensitivity in the feet and lead to slower healing of wounds. Specific care is therefore important to allow you to avoid any complications and keep your feet healthy. The podiatrist is perfectly suited to manage this type of problem. Don't let diabetes cause complications for your feet.

18. Wound Care

We treat your wounds regardless of their cause. They can sometimes be related to diabetes or be caused by constant pressure points under the feet. During your appointment, the cause of the formation of sores is identified, which allows them to be treated properly and prevent their recurrence. We can also perform emergency stitches when the injury is very recent. Feel relief and regain better health and appearance of your feet.

19. Cortisone Injection

La cortisone est un médicament anti-inflammatoire et nous l’utilisons en podiatrie pour traiter certaines douleurs localisées aux pieds. Nous procédons à l’injection de cortisone selon le diagnostic et le plan de traitement préalablement indiqué par le podiatre. Cette injection pourrait être guidée par échographie afin d’être plus précisément administrée..