Since the first editions, UT4M has attracted riders from all over the world. But it is not surprising to hear at the start of the races this accent so characteristic of our friends in North America. Once again this year, the Quebecois were part of both the UT4M Challenge and the Extreme 160. We met Annie JEAN who did not make the trip for nothing. She quite simply won the women's classification of the challenge, one massive per day. 

Trail Running: Who are you?

JEAN “36 years old, I am a girl from northern Ontario, now a podiatrist in the Outaouais region for almost 10 years now. I have been running on the road since my first university years, in 2000, and in trail running for 7 years. Ironman in the meantime… I was then a full-time podiatrist and athlete, spending several hours running and cycling every day."

TR-S: What are your main results? 

A-J :  3rd in the CHAMONIX 2017 marathonst in the Harricana 65 km 2017 and 2016, 1st in the Devil's Fall 2016 and 2nd in 2017

TR-S    Why did you choose to come to UT4M?  

A-J "This is my favourite format, because I love 50 km marathon distances, and I love France and discovering its mountains! What could be better than UT4M! And at the same time, I come to explore the region by bike. "

TR-S Quel souvenir garderas-tu  de cette expérience sur l’UT4M ? 

A-J : « Que notre corps est plus fort que ce que notre tête parfois nous laisse savoir! L’organisation était superbe, l’atmosphère des plus agréables et amicales entre les traileurs. Une course à mettre à l’agenda absolument! »

TR-S : And the rest of your projects?

Annie-Jean "Let me digest this one before making any other plans!"

Source : http://www.trailrunning-spirit.fr/index.php/portraits/120-l-ut4m-les-quebecois-en-sont-fous