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Each person has the right to receive the best health care with a human approach, in a safe and friendly environment.

Your podiatrists

Podiatrists are doctors of podiatric medicine. They are trained to help you regain the health of your feet so that you are relieved. Their advice also helps you avoid problems that could arise if you don't pay attention.

Dre Annie Jean, podiatre


A graduate in biopharmaceutical science from the University of Ottawa, I subsequently obtained my doctorate in podiatric medicine from...

Dre Diane Bouguem, podiatre


Originally from Cameroon, I immigrated to Canada in 2005, after which I obtained my bachelor's degree in health sciences from the University of Ottawa in 2013. I then...

Dre Gabrielle Castonguay, podiatre


I am a native of the Outaouais region and I am honoured to serve my community since 2011 as a Podiatrist, after having...

Many years of experience in the Outaouais region

Multiple patients treated under our care

Three podiatrists with a big heart

Undergraduate Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine

How to get your feet healthy



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Receive the right treatment for you

Our podiatrists will receive you in the safe, confidential and warm setting of the clinic and will offer the solution that best suits your situation.


Enjoy your
Healthy Feet

After the treatment, which in many cases resolves the problem on the spot, you will be happy to return your feet to normal, will be relieved and can enjoy your daily activities as you see fit.

Discover our services

Biomechanical examination

During a biomechanical examination, we perform a series of assessments of your feet and lower limbs...

Examination of the feet in children: podiatry for children

We offer our podiatry services for your little ones from birth to detect and correct problems as early as possible. Podiatrists have the...

Custom-made plantar orthotics

After a proper examination and diagnosis, we take precise measurements while moulding your feet with our technological tools to create...

Treatment of plantar warts

Very often contagious and painless, the plantar wart can be a source of discomfort or embarrassment. At the clinic...

Treatment of ingrown toenails

When part of the nail penetrates the surrounding skin, it can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and...

Foot care

At the clinic, we provide comprehensive medical foot care to keep your feet healthy! We always use autoclaved sterilized...

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